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Through my years of college studying the human mind, I got to realize that no one except yourself could actually heal yourself….and that the mind does not exist alone, is part of a human system which also includes the body and the spirit.

When I started practicing yoga at the age of 22, I understood that was my way to heal myself and to help others by sharing it with them…

While learning psychology I realized it was incomplete and I didn’t resonate with it anymore… My life experiences showed me that there is more than the physical and rational mind, that we choose how we want to feel and is up to us to be healthy in all ways… mentally, emotionally, physically and spirituality… so I started to get interested in all kind of alternative healing techniques.

With a background of ballet through all my childhood and Olympic gymnastics and modern dance as a teenager, when I discovered Ashtanga Yoga I just felt like home. I felt instantly in love with the practice, also because I had found a therapy, it made me good in every aspect. Exactly what I was looking for…a way to heal myself.

Yoga was perfect for me because it was a physical challenge that also worked with the mind, which was my field of interest, and more precise with the spirit.

“ The Spirituality
remains my inspiration
behind my Yoga practice”

I went to India first time in 2001 as soon as I finished my degree in psychology, when I was 25 years old, and practiced Ashtanga Yoga with Pathabi Jois in Mysore and with Sunil Kumar in Varanasi. With the years I have been there many times also learning other kind of yoga practices with various renown teachers and centers as Kayvaliadham Yoga Institute in Lonavla, Himalayan Yoga Center with Sharat Arora in Goa, Yoga Bones with Rolf Naujokat in Goa, Yoga Vidya Gurukul University in Trimbak Maharashtra, Patanjala Yoga Kendra with Usha Devi in Rishikesh, Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh with Gurmukh,…

I am Mexican but lived abroad 15 years. I have travelled around the world learning different techniques of healing and practicing Yoga also with many western teachers like Shiva Rea and Marlene Henny in Holland; Michael Gannon and Kino MacGregor in Tulum, Mexico; Simon Park in Mallorca, Spain; Anurag Vasallo, Graeme Northfield, Gemma Mallol, Marcela Enriquez Wakeham, Tomy (Jai Ma) in Ibiza, Spain…

I expanded my experience to include Naturopath, Ayurveda, Reiki, Nutrition, Emotional Unlock Therapy with Quantum Physics, Theta Healing, Iyengar, Hatha, Sivananda, Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Kundalini Yoga, Buddhist and Vipassana, Meditation, Metaphysics, Shamanism…

I have lived in India, Germany, Switzerland and Spain to move back to Mexico, where I am from, in 2015 to Tulum where I wanted to live since many years. It has been a long path of whole transformation, it took me time to realize how yoga is a holistic way of life which leads you to a healthy approach in every single aspect, rather than just a practice.

“I see Yoga as a way of life
and not as just a
physical practice”

I think my biggest quality is that I want to always help others. I have realized what I want to do in life is to bring awareness and consciousness to open people to a new way of life more connected to our own nature and to nature itself. So my way is through Yoga and through connecting to nature, because those are the ways that help me to keep learning, growing and feel good with myself.

My journey is one of constant self healing and spiritual evolution and I believe thats why we humans are here. I want to share this message to as much people as I can.

I encourage my students to have a healthier life in every aspect which will lead them to happiness. But especially my biggest concern is to find our deepest inner self and connect with it…

In my classes I teach who I am more than what I know. With deep roots in Ashtanga my style is Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Flow, which are dynamic creative series where we emphasize the synchronicity of breath with movement, flowing from one Asana to the next one. The intention is to make an active meditation keeping the mind present at the same time that we strengthen and cultivate a healthy body, I also incorporate a lot of principles from Iyengar Yoga, as one of the most important parts for me in the physical part of Yoga is the alignment. I have a deep spiritual focus and I try to transmit to my students the essence of Yoga as a way of life and not as just a physical workout. I adapt them depending on the energy of the day and to who assist, each session is a creative series adapted to each individual, making it suitable for any kind of people and level of practice.

I also teach Ashtanga classes which have a deep foundation in Patthabi ́s Jois teachings, which is traditional Ashtanga Mysore Style and Led Primary Series as well as traditional Kundalini Yoga.

I have taught in many places in Ibiza when I was living there like The Garden of light, Agroturismo Can Jondal, La Galeria Elefante, Kamala wellness center, Bienestar Ibiza, Ibiza Healing Day, Atzaró… And since I moved back to Tulum in 2015 I was continuously teaching to tourists in hotels like Dreams, Ahau, Yoga Shala, Sanara, Nomade, Maya Tulum. Yaan Spa, Alumbra, Los Amigos Gym and Stand Up Paddle Yoga with SUP yoga Tulum.

I am a 500 hours Registered Yoga Teacher with the European and American Yoga Alliance, and Kundalini Yoga Registered Teacher.

I built from scratch an ecological Yoga Studio in Tulum town which was called Jungle Yoga Tulum as it was part of my same project in Tulum, now is Harmony Yoga. I decided to leave it as I realized owning and administering a place was not my thing, I am more the wild and free yoga adventurer.

I also decided to leave the group classes to tourist because it felt very impersonal and after the years I wanted something more profound where I could really connect with the people I would share and I started to dedicate 100% to my project.

So if you wanna follow me, have a private class with me, join one of my experiences or one of my workshops just CONTACT ME!!

I bow to my Gurus which had lead
me through my path and
specially to my greatest teachers in life…
My beautiful children which have
made me who I am!!

With Love


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