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I live in Tulum because the Nature here is one of the most beautiful I have seen in the world, is a never ending exploring place and it took my heart since first time I came around 20 years ago.

The most important mission of my project is to help to preserve Nature in any way possible, that means to also open consciousness in people, to Awaken Change, because I believe there is no separation, we are part of an everything, and we are also Nature.
I have realized that we are living in a critical time for the Earth, unmeasured population growth, climate change and the effects of it, the impressive raise of pollution and also the enormous growth in tourism in this kind of places. This made me want to offer more than just the conventional tours, I decided to call them Life Experiences, rather than just a tour, because my intention is that you have such a beautiful experience which you will remember all your life and to leave in you a seed of change in your heart that eventually will sprout.
The Experiences that I offer are totally Unique, off the beaten path taking us away from the crowds, characterizing with a deep wish to Protect and Preserve Nature by Giving Back something through Ecological, Educational and Communitarian projects.

¨My life-changing experiences are based and designed
on these concepts and ideals¨

Yoga is my lifestyle, I have been practicing it since 20 years and since then my life opened up to a whole process of transformation into a Healthier and more Conscious way of living. Yoga means union and when it’s practiced outdoors it seems like the union with nature, humanity, and the universe is truly felt.

Jungle Yoga Tulum is born from the desire of melting my passions into one…Yoga, Nature, Explore and Help…
I want to take you to practice Yoga and Meditation outdoors, while we explore nature in a Conscious careful way and also we Give Back through different ecology and social service projects to the local community and to the breathtaking Nature of Tulum and its surroundings.

If you are a Nature Lover which wants to learn or improve a Yoga or Meditation practice, if you are someone that likes to Help or you are just curious about experimenting Nature in a Unique Life Changing Experience you are in the right place.

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