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During the time I was studying Psychology I had a great discovery that totally changed my life….from being a “normal” young lady I turned into a World Traveller Yogini , wherever I wanted to go I went, whatever I wanted to learn I learnt. I went from being a college girl to waitressing in Ibiza, learning Yoga in India, manufacture clothes in Asia, decorating festivals around the World, and so on…

My life has been a total adventure since then and I live from doing what I love!!!

My project is born from the desire I have to help the world to be a better place and to inspire others to live from their passions. After an exhaustive search of how to share my message to the World I managed to melt all my passions and created Conscious World Cris.

Being the youngest of 7 children I grew up as a strong girl always needing to prove my siblings I could do things by myself. I am a person that is hard to find challenges in life that would stop me from doing what I really wanna do. When I decide something nothing can stop me, I consider being a determined person is one of my biggest qualities.

Since kid I felt a very strong connection towards nature, in some moment I wanted to study Marine Biology and Archeology. Traveling and exploring was since then something that really fulfilled me. I grew up with a very wild Dad that would bring us a lot to nature, play in huge waves, bring snakes home that he would find while he explored, and many other wild animals that we would host as temporary pets at home before they would always find their way out back to their natural habitat..

My mother was concerned in giving us a good education, I studied always in private schools with a very high degree in intellectual knowledge, also a very high social standard. She also gave us the love for body movement, I practiced Ballet since 4 years old and Tap dancing. Later as a teenager gymnastics and modern dance.

As a wild kid I ended up living away from my parents home at a very young age. Had so much freedom as teenager. I studied psychology in Mexico City and in those times is when I discovered Ashtanga Yoga which I felt instantly in love with it.

My life changed completely, my lifestyle even more…that brought me to start traveling around the World and mainly to India which I consider my greatest teacher in life.

I live like in a wild soap opera, I have so many stories to tell, good and bad ones, I feel since kid I have been a very sensitive and different person than to most of the people I grew up with. Growing in a very close society, feeling I never belonged… sometimes I consider myself as if Im not from this world and at days seems so difficult to live in it and to feel understood. The death of close people since a very young age gave me also a different sense of life…and death. My curiosity about things out of this rational world started and that’s what brought me to the constant search of knowing and work with myself. Life talks very clear to me and my path since a very young age has been a spiritual one, even that it took me time to understand that.

To jump out of the box was not an easy task but I managed it and here I am living an extraordinary life.

I consider myself an explorer of the World and Consciousness and if you feel attracted to what I have to share to you can follow the stories of my wild life, my health and conscious advices for a happier life and my adventures around the World!!

With Love

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